Quick Dock Folder Access

Using the Dock to gain quick Access to Citrix Profiles

This Tip is specific to the Citrix (Application Virtualization – formerly Citrix Presentation Server) client, however it also be applicable to other applications that allow different configurations by using profiles which are used for startup or simple to have quick access to the content of a folder frequently used

Prerequisite (Citrix specific)

This tip assumes that the user create a number of Citrix Client Profiles using the ICA Client Editor and that these profiles are all stored in folder within the users home directory (such as ~/Documents/Citrix Sites).


Adding the Folder to the Dock

All that is needed is to drag the Citrix folder from the Finder to the Dock underneath the Separator Bar. The bar divides the dock into two sections, the top section which contains applications and the bottom that contains shortcuts (alias) and folder:


Open a Finder window and select the parent folder that contains the Citrix Sites folder. Now select the Citrix Cites folder and drag it underneath the Dock’s separator bar.


Using the Folder Entries

Now that we have deposit the folder on the dock, to use an entry (profile) to start the Citrix Client is as simple as clicking on that folder in the dock. BTW, if you forgot which icon underneath the separator bar is the Citrix Sites folder, just move the mouse cursor over it and wait a second or two for the item name to be visible. 


A simple click (not a click and hold) will open a new window with the content of the folder.


If the complete item (profile) name is not shown, due to its length, all it takes is to move the mouse cursor over it and wait a second or two for the item name to be visible.

To start the Citrix Client with the specific profile, just click on that profile. That’s it!

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