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Since the official release of OS X I have converted many PC users to the new Mac Operating System. Part of my spiel was, and still is, to offer help and support so that the new users could feel comfortable and secure in the new world they were entering. Lucky for me that the demand on my time was rather small because of the intuitive way OS X and its applications are.

However, there have been questions, some repeatedly, about how to do something that either is not a standard operation or different from the PC environment. I answered those inquires each time using email, iChat or the phone.

Now that my Mac user community has grown to considerably, I decided to create a few years ago a web site to permanently record the questions and answers so that they will help others.

However, lately I found that there is a crossover regarding Apple/Mac topics onto my other personal web site (Klaus’ Korner). Therefore I decided to combine the two sites into one.

The added Mac Advisor section contains the same sub-sections as the original stand-alone site. These are the Tips and Hints, Tutorial, Reviews and FAQ sections. As to the Forum section, it is gone since it never really was used. For users wanting to asked me for help, just use the Contact Me page, I will do my best to answer.

In closing, thanks for visiting the Mac-Advisor section. Please let me know if I can make your experience more enjoyable or informative.


Klaus-Dieter Naujok

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