Subscribed iCal Fix

Fixing a subscribed Calendar that is Out-of-Sync

Many of us have subscribed to iCal Calendars published by colleagues or coworkers only to find that sometimes it shows entries that either have not been deleted or changed by the owner. In other words the Publisher’s iCal information is different from the version you as the Subscriber see: 



One option is to use the Refresh (Right Mouse click OR CTRL key + Mouse click on Calendar in question) option. In most cases it fixes the problem:


However, there are cases in which a Refresh has no effect. Lucky there is a way of fixing it, it takes a few more steps. First we need to copy the link (URL0 to the published calendar. We do this by right Mouse clicking, or using the CTRL key + Mouse clicking, on Calendar in question, and selecting the Copy URL to Clipboard option:


Now we can delete the calendar:


The calendar is now gone:


Now we will re-subscribe to the calendar by selecting from the iCal Menu bar Calendar > Subscribe…:


A dialog window will open to allow the entering of the URL for the published calendar:


Since we have copy the URL previously to the clipboard all we have to do is press the Apple (Command) key and the letter “V” key to paste the value into the dialog box and click on the Subscribe button:


A new window will open with some default settings for the calendar:


Most of us will want to make two changes, the first being to change the Auto-refresh option to refresh every so often, e.g.. every 5 0r 15 minutes. The second change may be to change the default color picked by iCal application:


The final step will be to click on the OK button to finish the subscription process resulting in the correct content identical to the publisher’s calendar:


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