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KlausMy name is Klaus-Dieter Naujok. For those not familiar with the “-” between the first two name components, it is my legal First name, a common practice in Germany. However, as long as I can remember my parents called me mostly “Klaus” unless I was in trouble, at which time the called me “Klaus-Dieter”. My Last name it is East-Prussian and translates to “Newcomer to the Land”. I have lived up to that name. I was born in West Germany in town called Wolfenbüttel (home of Jägermeister) and grow up in Braunschweig. In 1972 I immigrated to Canada attending the University of Waterloo. I started my professional career in the Greater Toronto Area and got married to my wife in the mid ’70. In 1990 I received a job offer that I could not refuse, which resulted in my family, now with 3 kids, to move to the San Francisco Bay area. Today we are still here, and since we decided to retire and live for the rest of our lives in the USA we have all become US citizens.

As to my personal favorites they are:

  • Color: Yellow
  • Participating Sports: Power Walking, Bicycling and the Bay to Breakers 12K Race
  • Sports I watch: Hockey, American Football and Soccer
  • Pastime: Family and Reading
  • Music: Any, depending on my mood
  • Bands: Rolling Stones, Eagles and Beatles
  • Hobbies: Collecting high tech gadgets and trying out new technologies

My idols are Albert Schweitzer and John F. Kennedy.

Professionally I have been a CSO, CTO, EVP and Director/Standards and Technology in the computer software industries. I served as the Chairman of ebXML, a joint international initiative between UN/CEFACT (United Nations Center for Electronic Business and Trade) and OASIS, created to develop standard methodologies and frameworks for the development of fully interoperable XML technology. Currently I am the CEO of Illumonus which I founded.

Among a number of awards (such as DISA’s Ed Gilbert EDI Professional Award and X12’s Member Emeritus Status) and affiliations, I also held numerous leadership roles at the Domestic and International Standards levels for the past twenty years. These include being the Chairman of ebXML, co-chair of the EDIFACT Technical Assessment Group, vice-chair of X12’s Technical Assessment Committee, chair of X12’s Liaison Task Group, and chair of UN/CEFACT’s Techniques & Methodologies Group (TMG).

Currently I serves as the chair of ISO/TC 154 (International Organization for Standardization – Technical Committee for Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration). I’m also the Convenor for ISO/TC 154/JWG 1 (Joint Working Group for EDIFACT Syntax).

For more about me click on the links below:

My Achievements
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