White-tailed Kites

These are photos of two white-tailed kites that were engaged in some courting. The first 16 photos were taken with my SLT A65 and the Sony 70-300 mm zoom lens at a 300 mm focal length (450 mm for 35 mm equivalency). The last 4 photos where taken with the same lens but this time using the Kenko 2X tele converter, resulting in a focal length of 600 mm, which computes to 900 mm for 35 mm equivalency.

The first set (on page 1) was scaled from the original 6000×4000 to 1280×853. The second set (on page 2) was cropped before scaling down using the original size photo. Because of the use of the 2xConverter with a original lens aperture of above 4.0, I had to use manual focusing for the last 4 photos, which is not to bad since the Sony camera has “peak leveling” to assist in focusing manually.

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