Project 365: May 2013

Pictures taken during the month of May as part of Project 365. The theme for this month will be mostly about experimenting with the various features and modes of my Sony A65. Over the last 6 months, since getting the A65 I have mostly used the “Program” mode with some minor adjustments, including the selection of the AF area, as well as the various “Scene”. Now that I am more familiar with the camera it is now time to step away from the semi-automatic modes and explore the true power of photography. Each day I will pick a different subject/feature and present four results of it.

For each photo the description will contain the various applicable settings, such as Lens used, lens focal setting with APS-C equivalent in parenthesis (FL), Focal Distance from end of lens barrel to subject (FD), Exposure Mode (EM), Auto Focus Mode (AFM), Auto Focus Area (AFA), shutter speed, F-stop and ISO value.

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