Project 365: August 2013

Pictures taken during the month of August are part of Project 365. The theme for this month is Project 50. This project is based on the fact that the 50mm lens is called a normal or standard lens because the way it renders perspective closely matches that of the human eye. Consequently, images made with a 50mm lens have a natural and uncontrived look. This is the lens that likely would have come with your camera had you bought it 10–15 years ago.

Because the ideal focal length depends on the sensor size, cameras which are less than full-frame will require lenses with shorter focal lengths. For example, my camera has a 1.5x crop factor and therefore will require a lens which is 1.5 times shorter than the standard 50mm, which works out at 33mm. The closest I can get is a 35mm standard lens (Sony DT 35mm F/1.8 SAM (SAL–35F18)) to meet this requirement.

So, this month I will challenge yourself to shoot only my 35mm (52.5mm FF). Shooting with a fixed focal length requires more of work, rather than relying on zooming – it should be a great exercise.

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