In the News: 2014-12-29

Written on:December 29, 2014
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Apple News: 2014: The year Apple came roaring back
Apple was doomed at the start of the year. Now it can do no wrong. What the hell happened? “Fire Tim Cook: Too Little, Too Late, Too Stupid,” sneered a headline on the TheStreet exactly one week after Apple reported mixed Q1 results and got $41-per-share haircut. By the end of 2014, Tim Cook was CNN‘s CEO of the year, the Financial Times‘ Person of the Year and a Time Magazine POY runner up. The stock meanwhile, had split 7 for 1, grown 40%, and added nearly $200 billion to Apple’s market value. What the hell happened? Here’s what I remember …
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Technology News: The Big Future: What does the future of interaction look like?
The rise of smartphones has left us tapping away at touchscreens. In this week’s Big Future, we look at what comes after the glass. Will we all be speaking to our devices? Are augmented reality glasses and contacts going to feed us information all day? Or does touch interaction work so well that we’ll never really replace it?
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Programming News: Julia Is Awesome, But…
Here’s a language that gives near-C performance that feels like Python or Ruby with optional type annotations (that you can feed to one of two static analysis tools) that has good support for macros plus decent-ish support for FP, plus a lot more. On top of that, the core developers and mailing list form the friendliest language community I’ve ever seen. What’s not to like? The last time I used Julia, I ran into two new (to me) bugs involving bogus exceptions when processing unicode strings. To work around those, I used a try/catch, but of course that runs into a non-deterministic bug I’ve found with try/catch. I also hit a bug where a function returned a completely wrong result if you passed it an argument of the wrong type instead of throwing a “no method” error. I spent half an hour writing a throwaway script and ran into four bugs in the core language.
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Photography News: 10 Essential Little Items To Help You Shoot On-Location
In the past, we have talked a lot about the big, important items of gear every photographer needs- like a Camera or a proper case to transport it. Today’s post however is dedicated to all the items that don’t seem like they can make a big difference. But trust me, they do.
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