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Written on:December 1, 2014
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Apple News: Apple Store, World AIDS Day
Apple Store logos around the world turn red today to mark Apple’s commitment to raising awareness of World AIDS Day. Red is a color synonymous with World AIDS Day, and the battling of HIV, thanks to the red ribbons first introduced back in 1991. Apple has changed the color of its Apple Store logos since 2012. Apple has described December 1 as part of its “biggest fundraising push yet”. Any items bought through brick-and-mortar Apple Stores today will have a percentage of their sales donated to the charity.
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Technology News: New Technology for Tracking Consumers Across Devices Grows Results
People shop mostly on their desktop computers—but they live on their smartphones. For marketers, effectively reaching their target audiences requires making a connection between those two worlds. Marketers want to know how effective their ads are on mobile devices. They would also love to be able to retarget a mobile shopper who began making a purchase on that device, and then gave up before providing payment information and a delivery address. Cross-device tracking is challenging, but technology companies are developing tools to make it easier. Using probabilistic identification methods, they are linking smartphones to desktops accurately enough to justify ad placements, especially given that mobile ad rates are substantially cheaper than desktop display ad rates.
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Programming News: Top 20 Most Popular JavaScript Libraries for Users
JavaScript is the most popular programming language that is widely used today for developing web applications. It is a client-side scripting and computer programming language and specifically used for web browsers to facilitate interaction with users, manage the browser and much more. For all mobile, desktop applications as well as for gaming web development, this programming language can be a boon as it is used as server-side programming language for maximum functionality. JavaScript Library is basically a pre-written scripting language that ease the development of JavaScript based applications such as AJAX and other web-centric technologies. The main use of these libraries is to write functions which are embedded in or incorporated from HTML pages and interact with DOM of the page. Below is this article you will come across with some of the best JavaScript libraries for 2015. The collection of JavaScript libraries in this article are the best and result-oriented both for novice and advanced developers as all of them has some of the exceptional features and qualities including, multi-touch gesture, Js Widget, Mouse Trap and much more.
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Photography News: 20 Dos and Don’ts for Shooting the Moon
The moon is a very popular subject for photographers of all skill levels to shoot. But if you’ve ever tried to photograph the moon, you’ve probably discovered that it’s not that easy to accomplish. In this article let’s look at some dos and don’ts to take your moon shots from snapshot to artwork. To begin, the first and most important DON’T is: Don’t assume that photographing the moon is going to be easy.
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