In the News: 2014-10-17

Written on:October 17, 2014
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Apple News: Redesigned iWork for Mac with iCloud Drive and iOS updates with Continuity now available
As promised during today’s event, Apple has begun rolling out significant updates to iWork across both OS X Yosemite and iOS 8. The Yosemite updates start with a new design to fit the operating system’s refreshed aesthetic, while the iOS updates center around adding Continuity and Handoff functionality. This means you can now start working on an iWork document on your iPad, and continue where you left off automatically on either an iPhone, iPod touch, Mac or another iPad. The Mac and iOS apps have also seen some notable feature enhancements. You can see the full feature addition lists for each Mac and iOS iWork app below …
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Technology News: iPad Air 2 contains the first Apple SIM, letting you flip flop between carriers
At its iPad launch event Thursday, Apple made a big deal about the 20 LTE bands and super-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi available in the new Air 2. But there was one detail that didn’t make the spotlight, but could have a huge impact on how we buy 4G-connected tablets in the future: The iPad Air 2 contains the first Apple SIM card, a kind of carrier-neutral identity module. What that means is you don’t have to pick your carrier before you buy a 4G iPad in the U.S. or the U.K. (unless that carrier is Verizon, but I’ll get to that later). The new slate has support for all of the global LTE bands as well as GSM and CDMA networks, so when you first turn on your iPad and try to connect it to a distant tower, Apple will give you a choice of AT&T, T-Mobile US or Sprint (in the U.K. it is also supporting Everything Everywhere).
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Programming News: Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite as a Developer
Your Yosemite upgrade may take many hours. This applies if, for example, you have Homebrew installed to /usr/local. If this applies to you, the Yosemite upgrade installer estimated times will be incredibly inaccurate, up to many hours. Part of the upgrade involves moving /usr/local out of the way during the upgrade. The process of moving those files back after the upgrade is done one file at a time and seems very slow. If your installer seems stuck you can hit cmd-l (commmand key and lowercase L key at the same time) to bring up the install log to assure yourself it’s actually running. My initial Yosemite install took more than eight hours to complete, all the while stating “3 minutes remaining”. My other installs, with either of the recommended options below, took less than one hour each.
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Photography News: Will Video Kill Photography’s Stars
High-end video camera manufacturers are continuing to engineer innovative products that may one day change the way photographers take photographs, particularly in portrait, fashion and glamour circles. It’s a challenging and tough sell, and not without a few obvious problems. Increasingly, video and even DSLR/mirrorless interchangeable cameras are capable of shooting video at 4K and beyond, which means the sensor can deliver single frames at or above 8 megapixels. These stills can be printed at up to A4 size at 300dpi – standard printing resolution for most magazines – and surpassing the resolution of the largest screens and monitors. Even the tiny new GoPro Hero 4 is capable of shooting 4K video, and its conceivable that a single frozen frame from GoPro footage could end up on the cover of an action sports or surf magazine. So much for the decisive moment!
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