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Written on:July 16, 2014
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Apple News: Apple Joins With IBM on Business Software
Apple is moving up to business class. And its seatmate will be IBM. In a deal that could deepen Apple’s sales to corporations and strengthen IBM’s position in business software, the two companies announced a wide-ranging partnership intended to spread advanced mobile and data analysis technology in the corporate world. IBM and Apple have been working together on the venture for several months, and they are jointly working on more than 100 business software programs developed exclusively for Apple’s iOS operating system and for use on iPhones and iPads. The applications will be tailored for use in industries including retail, health care, transportation, banking, insurance and telecommunications.
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Technology News: This Armband Wants To Kill Your Computer Mouse
The Internet is falling hard for a new hands-free gadget that lets you control your computer without having to use a mouse. Tech development startup Thalmic Labs is on the verge of releasing the Myo, a wearable armband that allows users to interact with technology through motion commands. Sensors in the device measure the electrical activity in and motion of the user’s muscles, allowing the device to tell when the wearer makes a specific control gesture.
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Programming News: The Observer Pattern in Java
Lizza decides to get a new dress for her 18th birthday party. She goes online to her favourite website and selects a perfect Red dress. But oops its out of stock. She tries to find another dress but there is nothing that can replace it. So, she goes back to the dress, registers her email id and click on “Notify Me” button. You must be wondering why am I telling you story of Red Dress? Reason is “Notify Me” button is an example of Observer Pattern. Here is how “Notify Me” button works? As soon as the dress will be in stock she will be notified via an email.
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Photography News: The vacation snaps you wish you had taken
From the exuberance of a colourful crowd cheering on racing camels, to sweeping land and cityscapes and intimate close-ups of beautiful creatures in the wild, these are the travel snaps you wish you had taken.
But the spectacular images are actually the winners of the international Travel Photographer of the Year awards and are now on display at a special exhibition in London. The Royal Geographical Society is hosting the series of award-winning images documenting the magnificence and beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. And if the photos aren’t inspiring enough, the exhibition will also be open for various ‘Enchanted Evenings’ so visitors can see the images lit up at night. The exhibition, which runs until August 17, features photos that won awards in various categories from ‘Wild Stories’ to ‘Vanishing and Emerging Cultures’. From a pair of lions looking proudly at their young cub to a Mongolian shepherd with his snow-covered flock in Mongolia, the photos provide the ultimate travel inspiration and organisers hope they will encourage amateur photographers to start thinking about submissions for the next awards for 2014.
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