In the News: 2013-08-06

Written on:August 6, 2013
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Apple News: Steve Jobs And The Radical Innovation Of Fair Prices For Great Products
I’ll trade you one Twitter re-tweet and a Facebook Like for two LinkedIn endorsements. Deal? How about if I throw in a recommendation on Yelp? In a world where it seems as if everything has a value, adjusted in real-time, tailored for each specific person based upon their unique wants, needs, interest and location, auto-managed by Big Data, leveraging platforms eagerly funded by Silicon Valley, and all of it executed by a ever-expanding range of bartering algorithms which forever traverse the world wide web, why is it so damn hard to put a actual price on anything? Excepting Apple products.
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Technology News: Cloud will enable ‘As-a-service’ technologies
A Forrester report outlines that by 2020, the rise of “as-a-service” technologies, empowered workers, and a radically more complex business environment will challenge IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to deliver higher levels of value, agility, and employee satisfaction, all while reducing the cost of IT services. This will require I&O organisations to shift from the role of primary provider of IT services to a broker of public and private services. Today’s I&O teams are doing more than just prioritising workforce computing investments — they’re placing big bets on the solutions and policies that have the potential to transform how your business operates. Consumerisation, mobility, client virtualisation, and employee self-service are all important, but what your business really needs is an integrated strategy to support flexible work styles. A deeper understanding of workforce experiences built on virtual and cloud technology, combined with updated processes and enhanced self-service to transform employee engagement and work-style flexibility seem to be the plausible answer.
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Programming News: Computer Science, What Is It?
Computer science itself is a surprisingly difficult thing to define. If you do a search on the web you’ll turn up quite a few definitions for computer science. Some people take a very academic approach and say that computer science is about studying computation and systems of computation. (What the heck does this mean?) Other people will define it in terms of what they believe it is about, saying things like computer science is using computers to solve problems. None of these definitions or attempts at defining computer science sit well with me. Why it is important to know what computer science is? So, you might be thinking “who cares?” “What does it matter what computer science is?” Well, the reason why it matters is because many of us programmers and software developers either have a degree in computer science, are studying to get a degree in computer science, or simply associate our knowledge with the field of computer science. It seems kind of silly to have a degree in something that you can’t clearly define nor can anyone else.
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Photography News: How to Find Photo Projects in Your Own Backyard
Finding a good photo project is always a challenge, but the staff of The Herald in Jasper, Indiana, a town of about 15,000 people, has been coming up with a photo essay every week for the past 35 years. What’s more, photographers at The Herald have won a number of major photo prizes for their work over the years. David Weatherwax, chief photographer of The Herald, has won Photojournalist of the Year (in the small market category) in the NPPA Best of Photojournalism competition for the past two years. He recently explained in a PDN interview how he and his colleagues come up with so many story ideas in their own backyard. At The Herald, they rely plenty on the personal contacts they accumulate in their day-to-day work as newspaper journalists. Photographer Carrie Niland, who has worked as a photo editor at The Seattle Times, AOL, and The Post-Standard in Syracuse, says the key to finding good local stories it so start a lot of conversations, asking people to tell you about the most interesting people they know.
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