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Written on:July 3, 2013
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Apple News: Apple May Finally Be Close To Striking A TV Deal With A Cable Company!
There has been an endless wait for the much-ballyhooed Apple television set. Last year, one of the reasons Apple stock charged above $700 was the conviction of many analysts that Apple would soon launch a magical new TV set that would turbocharge sales and revolutionize the TV industry. Well, the TV never arrived. Instead, we got news stories about how Apple had been trying–and failing–to strike content deals with TV networks and cable companies. But now there’s cause for hope again! If not for a television set in particular, at least for further progress in Apple’s TV efforts.
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Technology News: Most Americans don’t want wearable tech like iWatch, Google Glass
Apple’s anticipated iWatch and Google Glass have provoked plenty of headlines, but a recent poll shows that a majority of well-heeled Americans with college degrees wouldn’t consider buying or wearing such devices. The April telephone poll of 1,011 Americans 18 and older found that only 34% of those polled who make $100,000 or more a year would consider buying or wearing a consumer-grade smart watch or smart glasses. For those with a significantly smaller income, $35,000 annually, the percentage of those interested in the technology increases to 47%. College graduates are also least likely to buy wearable technology, according to the survey. College grads interested in wearable technology was no higher than 37%, but the interest level rose to 45% for those with a high school degree or less.
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Programming News: Understanding, Comparing, and Using Java Cloud Platforms (PaaS)
There are so many Java Cloud Platforms on the market today: CloudFoundry, CloudBees, Google App Engine, OpenShift, Heroku, and Oracle Java Cloud Service. How can you possibly choose? Fortunately, Khanderao Kand is on hand to help in this JAXConf 2013 presentation. He’ll compare the various platforms through examples, and give you an idea of what key factors to look for when selecting the right cloud platform for your application.
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Photography News: 5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos (contd..)
In the previous post (5 tips to improve your photography skills and your photos), I am writing a set of general guidelines on how to improve your photos. Taking better photos does not only deal with knowing your equipment and its settings better, in fact, the best of photographers always claim better technique and temperament as one of the prime techniques of taking better photos. I would love it if you could provide comments on whether you agree or disagree with such tips, and if you feel that you have tips you want to share, please do let me know via the comments. Here goes …
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